Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chalkboard menu board for under $10

It's no secret that I adore all things farm and farm animal related. Everyone is pretty aware of my pig obsession. So when the family and I were browsing the local thrift store a few weeks back, you can image the look on my face when I came across this guy. 

After I finished squealing with delight, I took it up to the register as fast as I could and bought him for a whopping $4.50
I continued to profess my love of "PIG" the entire drive home as my loving husband and kids rolled their eyes and let me. (Sweet family).

While I tried to set aside time to transform PIG, sadly he sat in his poor state of mint chipped latex paint. I knew from the moment I saw him he was destined to be my dinner menu pig. I had grand visions of him wearing a beautiful chalkboard paint coat. Chalkboard paint whould allow me to change my menu, thus avoiding any "what's for dinner" nagging.

A few weeks went by, but I finally found the time to transform PIG (sadly in my excitement I forgot to take progress shots.. Boo :-/ ). I ended up sanding down the latex around the edges with 80 grit sandpaper as the last owners of PIG who painted him mint let the paint pool and form drips around his edges. Once the drips were smoothed out (it wasn't necessary to strip the paint completely off)I re-sanded PIG with 220 grit sandpaper and wiped him down with a damp lint free cloth. This is where the project became super easy. I had picked up a can of Rustoleum's chalkboard spray paint a few weeks back and decided to use it on PIG.  
(I'm not compensated by Rustoleum nor am I affiliated with them, I simply love this product and these are my opinions).

Anywho... Here is pig now in all his glory. 
 After I chalkboard spray painted him, I waited the allotted amount of drying time and then seasoned the chalkboard. (Rubbed the side of a piece of chalk over entire board then wiped with a rag). I hung him in my kitchen, where he looks very handsome, although he still isn't sporting my menu. I plan on making a stencil to spell out MENU across the top. 
Ill be sure to update when I get around to it. In the mean time I simply stare at PIG in all his glory.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So it's been a little quite on this blog lately. I can tell you it isn't from a lack of projects and painting!
Now that our family has settled into the new house and the holidays are over I half way expected for things to quiet down. That has not been the case. There is always something that we are doing or tinkering on or to be painted. I have worked up a number of original signs in the past few weeks so I thought I would share those.

I can say that if Blogger was more user friendly, or maybe if I were more technologically savey, I would be better at this whole blogging thing. I will strive to learn more about this new platform of social media, and I also will attempt to update more than once a month.

Until next time, you can follow me on my Facebook page  Here as I'm far better at updating that then blogging.
Thanks for visiting!